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Molly Beauchemin

"The first time I saw Ben perform it seemed to me as if all of the air had been sucked out of the room. I was at my husband’s friend’s Indian wedding ceremony, and I was so moved and transported by Ben’s ability to coax such beautiful notes out of his violin. I was in awe— and I say this as someone who has worked in the music industry and is not easily ‘wowed.’ Prior to witnessing Ben’s performance, it had never occurred to me that a violinist could faithfully perform an elaborate Hindi ballad solo— let alone to do so with such prowess and in front of a large audience. My husband, who was my fiancé at the time, felt the same way. He had the good foresight to ask for Ben’s card, as we were planning our own wedding at the time and we both knew that we HAD to have him play at our ceremony. I’m happy to say that Ben’s performance of one of my grandmother’s favorite songs brought tears to our eyes when I walked down the aisle. Ben is a consummate professional— talented, yes, but also relaxed, accommodating, full of ideas, and open to any and all suggestions. Having him at our wedding was a joy. He was so easy to work with! We asked him to perform during an outdoor ceremony and inside during a cocktail hour, and he had all of the equipment he needed to make the music perfect. I strongly recommend working with him in any capacity— book him before he gets booked up!"

Carrie Fox

"Ben is outstanding. Not only is he an extraordinary artist, but his unique blend of classical and popular music brings a magical and unexpected touch to any event.  From black tie galas to corporate receptions and weddings, Ben makes any event an amazing event."

Jack Evans

"One of my few responsibilities as Father of the Bride was to arrange for music during the ceremony and cocktail hour. No problem! I contacted a cello player well in advance whom I had seen (and heard) and she immediately accepted. Finished!! But shortly before the wedding date, the cellist had to bow out. She saved the day, however, by recommending Ben. Lucky for us, he was available and agreed to perform, sight unseen (and music unheard). He was very responsive and willing to play (and learn on short notice, if necessary) anything the happy couple wanted. The evening was a complete success and Ben’s amazing talent, professional demeanor and social skills contributed greatly to it. Plus,I did virtually nothing, but got all the credit for finding Ben! Happy daughter, happy dad!"

Ethan Alpern

"My wife and I first saw Ben perform at a restaurant opening in Washington DC. Not only was I mesmerized by how his electric violin could loop melodies while he’s simultaneously playing another, but his selection of hit songs and my favorite pop culture scores was why I immediately asked for his card. We hired Ben to play our wedding ceremony and cocktail hour, and he was a hit. Would hire him again, no doubt about it!"

Sheena Patel

"Ben was my violinist for a few of my wedding events. He is so talented and fun to work with, and I am so happy I chose him. Not only did he captivate my guests, but he’s such an easy person to work with. He is very genuine and professional and gave great feedback of instrumentals to play and what he is capable of creating. First, he played the violin while escorting me down the aisle by walking in front of me while playing, and it was simply beautiful. He made my entrance extremely special. He also played the violin during cocktail hour and he made the ambiance so elegant with his music. Ben also added a special touch to my first dance during my reception by playing along to my music so perfectly. He played along with many genres of music including Bollywood and he was great!! During open dance floor, he jammed out with my DJ and drummer to various songs and made the party that much more fun. I highly recommend using Ben for his musical talents - it was one of the best decisions I made!"

Kevin Hock

"Ben was an absolute blast to perform with! 110% professional. He has the total "it" factor on stage, too."

Shelly & Tim Bagchi

"I first saw Ben playing at Bethesda Row and thought it was awesome how he recorded his own backing tracks on the fly.  I love instrumental covers of pop songs, so I booked him to play at my wedding reception in 2017.  He did a great job and many of our friends commented on how cool it was to have the live music, and playing songs we all know rather than classical music.  Definitely recommended!" "Played a great rendition of Rains of Castamere at our wedding.  Can handle a bow.  Good multitasker.  5 stars."

Helen Moore

"We have had Ben Hoyt play at multiple Zoo fundraising events, including Brew at the Zoo, ZooFari, ZooLights, and Zoo Uncorked.  His music draws guests over because it’s always so interesting to watch him play and the music is beautifully done.  We would

Advancement Office at the Smithsonian's National Zoo

"Ben has provided wonderful violin music for several of our formal dinners throughout the past few years.  Ben is a pleasure to work with and we look forward to working with him again."

Laura Baron, Singer/Songwriter

"Ben Hoyt is an extraordinary musician. He creates musical magic with his beautifully expressive violin.  Tune in and allow Ben’s music to take you on an amazing ride! His solo on my new music video 'On The Streets of New York' added that emotional dimension I was looking for!”

Eric Troyer

"Instinctive and precise, Ben wields the violin as a creative extension of himself, much like a singer uses his voice. Quick to learn, he is alway ready to dig a little deeper and alway up for a challenge. Ben is a talented hard-working musician with a brilliant future ahead of him."

Helen Connelly

"Several years ago I attended a business reception where Ben was playing his electric violin. I was awestruck from the moment I first heard him. I remember telling him that if I ever got married, I wanted him to be part of it. Fast forward several years later. I got married AND Ben performed at our reception. Everyone who was there was amazed by his talent - from the smallest of children to the oldest of adults. He is a  vibrant performer and master of his craft. His repertoire is exhaustive, and his performance is engaging. Listen to him play and you, too, will be captivated."

Evan Krame

"Ben Hoyt is an extraordinary violinist. He fully engages both with the audience and the music, channeling both an old soul and a joyful approach. Ben's gentle spirit belies a fierce passion for music.  I feel privileged to have engaged him on many important occasions."

Emily Kaiser

"We were so fortunate to have Ben play the violin at our wedding during the ceremony and cocktail hour in 2017. He did a beautiful job playing "I Can't Help Falling in Love With You" during the bridal procession; a moment that remains one of our most cherished memories. His music brought a romantic element to the evening, and 2 years after the event we still receive compliments about the "amazing wedding violinist." We can't thank you enough for sharing your incredible talent with us on the most important night of our lives! Thank you!"

Susan D'Antoni

"Ben Hoyt has performed at two events for our nonprofit organization. He is a brilliantly talented musician! He is comfortable performing many genres of music, and encourages guests’ requests. He is a pleasure to work with! He MADE our event, and I will continue to look for other opportunities to have Ben perform at our events."

Noor Tagouri

"Having Benjamin play at our engagement party was a highlight of the night. He had everyone in awe and made the entire evening so memorable. He is such an incredible person to work with and truly a delight to watch. The first time we saw him perform was outside as we were walking by in downtown Silver Spring. We were so captivated. We are lucky to have had him grace our big night with his talent!!!! If you get the chance to hire him — don’t hesitate!!"

Gina Haldeman

"I did not know Ben Hoyt, before working with him on 6-6-19. My music producer recommended him and I am forever grateful. Ben had never heard my song until the moment of the recording session. He listened to it once and stepped into the booth to play a lovely, inspired violin accompaniment. At the end of the session he also played a spontaneous instrumental version of the song, which is stunning. What talent!"

Dan Rothchild

"Sharing a stage with Ben Hoyt is always an absolute treat. You just know it's going to be fun and very musically present, every time."

Kristyn Kuhn Eckel

"Ben Hoyt was the violinist for our small wedding in Annapolis. He arrived on time, was appropriately dressed, and was simply perfect. The music Ben performed was exactly what we had requested (he even learned some special songs ahead of time) and was exquisite. Ben played a combination of classical and modern music that was an ideal mix of upbeat and tasteful, fun and elegant. Many of our guests commented on just how much they enjoyed and were impressed with Ben and his performance - we didn't want the evening to end! I enthusiastically and without reserve recommend Ben Hoyt and his beautiful violining for any event."

Amy Gaus

"Ben has played numerous corporate events at the Zoo and was a huge hit!  He’s super easy to work with, very professional, and my clients rave about his amazing music!"

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