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Weddings, corporate events, private parties, proposals, receptions, bar and bat mitzvahs, religious services, recording sessions and remote recording, remote performances, street festivals, conferences, expos, award ceremonies, charity events, donor dinners, launch events, esports competitions, auctions, anniversary parties, masquerade balls, art exhibitions, block parties, fundraisers, galas, fashion shows, graduation parties, holiday events, parades, picnics, peaceful protests, retirement parties, retreats, food festivals, video conferences, sporting events, symposiums, political events, pop-up serenades, birthday parties, petting zoo functions, flashmobs, baby showers, exoneration celebrations, promotion parties, fiestas, pet shows, speed dating events, wine tastings, reunions, game nights, potlucks, bake-offs, home tours, murder mystery dinners, speed networking sessions, red carpet events, partially silent auctions, car shows, raffles, casino nights, pancake breakfasts, pottery workshops, gardening events, treasure hunts, zorbing competitions, ax throwing events, recycling parties, polar bear swims, laser tag events and sock hops.

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